MetaFlex Therapy Glove

Image of two black gloves Meta Flex Therapy Gloves

Get a grip on your hand health

The MetaFlex Therapy Glove is a grip-strengthening compression glove designed to help you manage the painful symptoms of arthritis affordably and effectively.

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How It Works

The MetaFlex Therapy Glove is designed to increase your grip strength, improve blood circulation, and reduce pain all while you do your everyday activities.

Our glove works in two ways, first, the compression fabric increases blood flow and reduces pain, second, our innovative resistance-band-like elastic bands work to keep your hand open. This means whenever you type on your computer or grab a glass of water, you’re working against the bands and strengthening your grip! These bands are also fully customizable so you can adjust them to the level most comfortable to you and increase the resistance as you get stronger.