The Glove

The MetaFlex Therapy Glove is a grip-strengthening compression glove created to be affordable and effective for increasing hand health, and we’ve already seen some amazing results. 

Compression fabric has been shown to increase circulation which can reduce swelling and pain, and our innovative resistance bands work to keep your hand open. This means whenever you type on your computer or grab a glass of water, you’re working against the bands and strengthening your grip! These bands are also fully customizable so you can adjust them to the level most comfortable to you and increase the resistance as you get stronger.

The Story

The inspiration for the MetaFlex Therapy Glove came from the desire to develop a way for people to be able to manage their arthritic symptoms affordably and at home. Since then we’ve learned that the MetaFlex can benefit so many more people.  

We began by developing our design, learning from the experts: physical, occupational, and certified hand therapists, doctors, nurses, and people with all sorts of hand pain. Then began competing in pitch competitions. First, Winning the Grand Prize and the Greatest Social Impact Awards in TTU’s Eagle Works Pitch Competition then placed 3rd at Launch TN’s 36|86 Student Pitch Competition. Shortly after, we secured a patent, won a Global Impact Award at the World Business Angel’s Investment Forum, finalized our design, registered with the FDA, gained customer validation, and so much more. 

Currently, we’re fundraising to go-to-market, complete clinical trials, and help the world get a grip on their hand health.