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At MetaFlex™ and ATS Innovations, we believe healthcare solutions should be accessible, affordable, and effective. MetaFlex™ is a trusted provider of innovative solutions for alleviating hand pain and grip weakness associated with conditions like Arthritis, Tendonitis, and others. The MetaFlex™ gloves were designed to be an affordable way to manage pain and improve hand function at home. Every day we are working hard to help the world get a grip on their health by creating affordable and effective healthcare.

MetaFlex™ is woman-owned and operated, with a passion for empowering women in healthcare technology, as well as a proud and trusted healthcare provider to VA Medical Centers across the U.S.

We believe that, together, we can make effective healthcare solutions accessible to everyone.

MetaFlex™ Team Members

Téa Phillips, Founder & CEO

Téa Phillips, founder and CEO of ATS Innovations and inventor of MetaFlex™, is an award-winning engineer, innovator, and leader dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact across the globe.

Headshot of MetaFlex Founder & CEO, Téa Phillips
MetaFlex Sales Advisor Randy Ridenour
Randy Ridenour
Sales Advisor
MetaFlex Marketing Advisor Dan Shinder
Dan Shinder
Marketing Advisor
MetaFlex Medical Advisor Dr. Jeff Marksberry
Dr. Jeff Marksberry
Medical Advisor
MetaFlex Entrepreneurial Advisor Janet Borrego
Janet Borrego
Entrepreneur Advisor
MetaFlex Healthcare Advisor Dr. Matt Newell
Dr. Matt Newell
Healthcare Advisor
MetaFlex Strategy Advisor Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith
Strategy Advisor
MetaFlex Security Advisor Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown
Security Advisor
MetaFlex Start-Up Advisor Tyler Asher
Tyler Asher
Start-Up Advisor
MetaFlex Athletic Advisor Tom Zheng
Tom Zheng
Athletic Advisor