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MetaFlex™ Adjustable Grip Strengthener Compression Gloves

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    1 pair of adjustable grip strengthener compression gloves with cutting-edge resistance bands for the most gentle and effective grip strengthening and pain relief.

    Great for: Arthritis & Tendonitis, joint swelling, general hand pain, grip weakness, or unsteady hands.

    Fit Features: Breathable compression fabric, easily customizable resistance bands, & touch screen pads, and comfort and ease for daytime use or sleep.

    MetaFlex™ Gloves are gentle and safe for everyday use.

    Pre-Caution: The MetaFlex is not intended to correct malaligned joints.

    Patented & Patent-Pending

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    MetaFlex™ Glove Specifications

    See what makes our Compression & Grip-Strengthening gloves uniquely effective.

    • Pain-Relieving Compression

      Gentle compression relieves hand pain caused by swelling and stiffness.

    • Grip-Strengthening Bands

      Adjustable resistance bands help you effortlessly build hand strength.

    • Touchscreen Pads

      Touchscreen finger pads allow you to seamlessly use devices.

    • Personalized Fit

      Five size options & adjustable features ensure a perfect fit.

    MetaFlex™ is Made For...

    • Daily Activities & Hobbies

      MetaFlex Gloves can be worn during or after gardening, landscaping, woodworking, playing instruments, or while playing outdoor sports like biking, golf, and pickleball to increase grip strength, reduce pain and vibrations, and recover and rejuvenate.

    • Relaxing & Sleeping

      Increase strength and reduce pain in your sleep! MetaFlex Gloves can be worn at night for continuous compression and pain relief that helps you wake up without hand pain, ready for the day.

    • Computer & Office Work

      Wear MetaFlex Gloves while typing, swiping, or writing to decrease pain and stiffness and increase your productivity. Touch screen pads ensure uninterrupted working sessions.

    MetaFlex™ Has Your Back

    Award-Winning Products

    MetaFlex gloves have been winning awards for advancements in healthcare technology since 2018.

    Advanced Patented Technology

    Our FDA-registered products feature patented grip-strengthening technology, the first of its kind in the world.

    Proven Customer Results

    MetaFlex products have provided effective pain relief and grip strengthening to hundreds of happy customers and counting.

    Customer-Support Guarantee

    We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with quick and helpful customer support that customers rave about.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Adam B
    Great gloves, Glad I bought them!

    Love these gloves. Very comfortable, the resistance bands on the fingers give it a pleasant feeling while still training my hand strength. I love the look of them, very fashionable.
    I've worn them to the gym, for long drives, and during my regular work day. I've recommended these to friends and family.
    Definitely a great product and a wonderful gift.

    Marky M
    Great for stiff hands from typing

    My hands get stiff typing all day, these are great at helping ease the pain and increase my range of motion

    Love my MetaFlex!

    I’ve been having joint pain in my hands and my doctor recommended these MetaFlex gloves. Each finger is adjustable which puts these way ahead of any other gloves I’ve seen. They are so comfortable and supportive and I’m finally getting some relief.

    Ernie V
    Very Good Product

    I purchased this product after her surgery on her thumb. She uses them while driving to strengthen her hand. It has worked tremendously improving her hand strength.

    Shelia O
    Arthritis and Tendinitis

    My husband has arthritis and tendinitis. Wears the gloves while driving and while sleeping. I just gave them to him in his stocking. So he has worn them on and off for 5 days.